Initial CIT Recurring Payment with a PAN

The first transaction in a recurring payment is a customer-initiated transaction (CIT). Before you can perform a subsequent merchant-initiated transaction (MIT), you must store the customer's credentials for later use. Before you can store the user's credentials, you need to get the customer's consent to store their private information. This is also known as establishing a relationship with the customer.



Fields Specific to this Use Case

Include the following information with a standard authorization request when storing customer credentials during the initial CIT recurring payment:
  • processingInformation.authorizationOptions.initiator.credentialStoredOnFile
    –Set the field to
    to indicate the customer credentials will be stored for future use.
  • processingInformation.authorizationOptions.initiator.type
    –Set the field to
    to indicate this transaction is a customer-initiated initial transaction.
  • processingInformation.commerceIndicator
    –Set the field to
    or a payer authentication value.
  • In the CIT authorization response, save the Transaction ID. You will need to include the network transaction ID in subsequent MIT recurring authorization requests.
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