Mastercard Identity Check

Mastercard Identity Check is the authentication service in the Mastercard card network that uses the 3-D Secure protocol in online transactions to authenticate customers at checkout.
Mastercard Identity Check generates a unique, 32-character transaction token, called the account authentication value (AAV) each time a Mastercard Identity Check-enabled account holder makes an online purchase. The AAV binds the account holder to a specific transaction. Mastercard Identity Check transactions use the universal cardholder authentication field (UCAF) as a standard to collect and pass AAV data.
Before implementing payer authentication for Mastercard Identity Check, contact customer support to have your account configured for this feature.

Fields Specific to the Mastercard Identity Check Use Case

These API fields are required specifically for this use case. ServerTransactionId
Set this field to the transaction ID returned by Mastercard Identity Check during the authentication process.
Set this field to the Mastercard Identity Check version returned by Mastercard Identity Check during the authentication process.
Set to the last digit of the raw ECI value returned from authentication. For example, if ECI=02, this value should be 2.
Set this field to one of these values:
  • spa
    : Successful authentication (3-D Secure value of 02).
  • spa
    : Authentication was attempted (3-D Secure value of 01).
  • spa
    : Authentication failed or was not attempted (3-D Secure value of 00)


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