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Merchant-Initiated Recurring Payments with PAN

After the initial recurring payment (CIT), subsequent recurring payments are merchant-initiated transactions (MITs).


The first transaction in a recurring payment is a customer-initiated transaction (CIT). Before you can perform a subsequent merchant-initiated transaction (MIT), you must store the customer's credentials for later use. Before you can store the customer's credentials, you must get their consent to store their private information. This is also known as establishing a relationship with the customer.

Supported Card Types

These are the supported card types for processing credentialed transactions:
  • American Express
  • Visa
Mastercard uses standing order and subscription payments instead of recurring payments. See Mastercard Standing Order Payments and Mastercard Subscription Payments.

Address Verification Service for Recurring Payments

If your processor supports the Address Verification Service (AVS), then the AVS should verify every authorization request.
recommends checking the AVS's results for the first recurring payment to ensure that the payment information is accurate and to reduce the risk of fraud.
You must determine how to handle the AVS results for any subsequent recurring payments that are not the same as the already-verified billing address information from the first recurring payment.

Replacing Expiration Dates

If the customer's card-on-file is going to expire before a scheduled subsequent recurring payment, your processor may allow you to replace the expiration date with the date 12/2099.
Do not replace a card's expiration date if the card is not expired.
Using this replacement expiration date does not guarantee a successful authorization request. It is your responsibility to know if your processor supports this feature. Not all issuing banks support the 12/2099 expiration date and may decline the authorization request.
To include this date in the authorization request, use these fields and values.
Set to
Set to