This 5-minute tutorial video explains the features of the API reference.

Please visit the API Support Status section of the API evolution guide.

Cybersource's Flex Microform solution provides tools to build PCI-compliant sites and apps. To understand all of the options available to you, see our Flex microform documentation.

No. For your convenience, Cybersource provides SDKs for several popular development languages and environments, but in some cases it might make more sense to code a custom solution with direct API requests to our endpoints. Our API documentation can help you create your own solutions. Our API reference includes the operations and fields we currently support.

Cybersource's Response code page provides status, reason, error, and response code information.

Please visit our API evolution guide to get the latest information on upcoming features.

You are responsible for maintaining communication with Cybersource servers. Set your client applications that communicate with Cybersource to direct requests to a host name and not an IP address. For more information, see best practices for communicating with Cybersource.