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Customer-Initiated Unscheduled COF Payment with Enrollable Network Tokens

An unscheduled credentials-on-file (COF) transaction uses stored payment information for a fixed or variable amount that does not occur regularly. An account top-up is one kind of unscheduled COF.

Using Enrollable Network Tokens

Token Management Service
can enroll certain
network tokens
, known as device tokens, into an instrument identifier token for future payments.
Device tokens
store and encrypt card-on-file information which enables customers to make quick and easy purchases using their mobile device. When authorizing a credentialed payment with a device token, you must create and store the device token in a
instrument identifier token. To do this, include the device token information in the
fields and set the token creation fields to create an instrument identifier token.
Follow-on merchant-initiated transactions are performed using the created instrument identifier as the payment information. For more information about how to request a merchant-initiated transaction, see Merchant-Initiated Unscheduled COF Payments with TMS.
Device tokens are also known as
digital payments
digital wallets
, and
tokenized cards

Network Token Types

In your request, include the
field to identify the device token type you are using, and set it to one of these possible values:
  • 001
    : Apple Pay
  • 004
    In-App Solution
  • 005
    : Masterpass
  • 006
    : Android Pay
  • 007
    : Chase Pay
  • 008
    : Samsung Pay
  • 012
    : Google Pay
  • 014
    : Mastercard credential-on-file (COF) payment network token
  • 015
    : Visa credential-on-file (COF) payment network token
  • 027
    : Click to Pay
  • visacheckout
    Visa Click to Pay