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Co-Badged Cards

Co-badged cards are credit and debit cards that integrate two or more payment networks.

mada Co-Badged Cards

mada is Saudi Arabia's domestic payment network.
These mada co-badged debit cards are supported:
  • Visa and mada
  • Mastercard and mada
mada co-badged debit cards are processed as follows:
  • Only domestic processing is supported in Saudi Arabia.
  • Transactions are sent directly to the Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority (SAMA) for processing.
  • Payer authentication is supported. Visa Secure is supported for co-badged Visa and mada cards. Mastercard Identity Check is supported for co-badged Mastercard and mada cards.
  • For acquirers, the card type is identified as MD.
  • In reports, the card type is identified as either Visa or Mastercard.
  • Dual-message processing is not supported. Only single-message processing is supported.