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A capture is a follow-on transaction to an authorization. It is used to transfer the authorized funds from the customer's account to the merchant account. To link the authentication transaction to the capture transaction, you include a request ID in your capture request. This request ID is returned to you in the authentication response.
Captures are typically not performed in real time. They are placed in a batch file and sent to the processor, and the processor settles all of the captures at one time. In most cases, these batch files are sent and processed outside of the merchant's business hours. It usually takes 2 to 4 days for the acquiring financial institution to deposit the funds into the merchant account.
When fulfilling only part of a customer’s order, do not capture the full amount of the authorization. Capture only the cost of the delivered items. When you deliver the remaining items, request a new authorization, and then capture the new authorization.
It is not possible to perform a capture if a transaction is in a review state, which can occur if you use a fraud management service. You must accept the transaction prior to capture. For more information, see the fraud management documentation in
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