Acceptance Applications

Meet your most common payment needs, like creating subscriptions, sending invoices or links to pay, or charging a card or token with no integration required.

  • Recurring Billing: Solution that helps you bill subscriptions at scheduled intervals.
  • Invoicing: Online invoicing saves time and allows your customers to pay from any device.
  • Pay by Link: Links, checkout buttons, or QR codes to easily sell goods or services or accept donations quickly without any coding.
  • Virtual Terminal: Secure payment terminal that uses your computer without requiring a card reader or other expensive hardware.

Secure Integration Methods 

Safely capture sensitive payment data directly from your customers on your website, app, and beyond with flexible, easy-to-integrate payment components.

  • Unified Checkout Integration: Hosted drop-in UI that enables you to configure multiple payment methods securely.
  • Microform Integration: Hosted payment fields that capture sensitive data while leaving you in control of your checkout UI/UX.
  • REST APIs: APIs that give you control to create your own payment acceptance workflows.

Technology Partner Directory

Enhance your integrations with pre-built solutions from our vetted partner ecosystem. Our Technology Partner solutions are designed and built to simplify connectivity to key technology providers, streamline operations, and contribute to business growth.


Choose the partner solution based on your business domain, industry and even geographical location.

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