Product overview

Version (latest): 1.0.1

SAP DPA runs in the SAP Cloud Platform using APIs. This means you can connect painlessly to multiple applications, saving you money and hassle from having to maintain multiple point-to-point connections. You can hit the ground running, with integration straight out of the box into various SAP and non-SAP order/sale-to-cash processes (B2B, B2C, online shops, etc.). Cybersource makes the choice easy, with a ready to go de-coupled integration to the SAP DPA. We designed it this way so you can connect SAP and non-SAP consumer applications alongside the Cybersource payment management platform and be confident that end-to-end processing of digital payments is secure.

  • Token Preparation

  • Token Preparation with Authorization

  • Payment Authorization

  • Payment Authorization Cancellation 

  • Payment Reauthorization

  • Charge

  • Sale

  • Payment Credit 

  • Blind Payment Credit

  • Cards, PayPal, Klarna, Sofort, iDEAL

Product editions

The SAP digital payments add-on (DPA) enables you to connect SAP and non-SAP consumer applications with non-SAP payment service providers (PSPs). The SAP DPA solution is an alternative to current custom PSP integrations and provides ready-to-use PSP connectivity.

The SAP DPA integration consists of two distinct elements: DPA core and the DPA adapter. 

The DPA core is found within SAP architecture and the SAP DPA adapter is held within Cybersource. The initial authorization and tokenization is required to run directly through Cybersource. Following authorization and tokenization, all calls coming through DPA go to the SAP DPA core. The SAP DPA core then communicates with the SAP DPA adapter

Getting started

Setting up SAP DPA to work with Cybersource

Cybersource extension

Cybersource Addons can quickly help you reach your digital commerce goals. Our global, modular payment management platform can support you to enhance customer experience, grow revenues and mitigate risk.

Working with our Global Technology Partners to simplify the integration work required for merchants to transact with Cybersource quickly and easily.