Activating your Merchant ID

The activation process, also known as
going live
, transitions your MID and account from test status to live status, enabling you to process real transactions in production. It may take up to three business days to complete the MID activation request.
To transition your account complete these tasks:
  1. Sign in to the Support Center as an administrator.
  2. Enter your credentials and log in to the test environment.
    Enter your MID in the Organization ID text box.
  3. Go to
    Support Cases > MID Configuration Request
    . The MID Configuration Request page should be open.
  4. Select
    MID Activation
  5. In the Description field, enter the Merchant ID that you want to take live.
  6. Select the processor configuration and enter the name of your processor.
    If you are unsure of your processor name, contact your merchant service provider or your merchant acquiring bank.
  7. Select the environments that this change applies (test or production).
  8. Select
    Service Enablement
    and list the products and services that you intend to use.
  9. Select