Testing the Shared Secret Key Pair

Complete this set of tasks if you are using HTTP Signatures to secure communication.
These tasks enable you to verify that your keys are valid and working as expected.

Adding Your Shared Secret Key to the
Business Center

Follow these steps to add your shared secret key to the
Business Center
  1. In the developer center API Reference, go to the Process a Payment page.
  2. Click the
  3. In the Authentication Type drop-down menu, choose
    HTTP Signature
  4. Enter your organization ID.
  5. Enter your key (also known as your private key).
  6. Enter your shared secret key (also known as your public key).
A message appears stating that your credentials were updated successfully.

Sending a Payment Authentication Request

Follow these steps to send a payment authentication request:
  1. Click
    Process a Payment
  2. Click
A message appears stating that your request was successful with status code 201.

Validating the Configuration

Follow these steps to validate the configuration:
  1. Log in to the
    Business Center
  2. View the dashboard.
If the transaction completed as expected, a message appears stating that your transaction was successful.