Stored Credentials

Credentialed transactions are transactions that involve either storing a customer's payment credentials for future transactions or using a customer's already stored payment credentials. When processing a credentialed transaction, you must indicate the type of credentialed transaction and the reason for the transaction.
There are several types of credentialed transactions:
  • Customer-Initiated Transactions (CITs)
    : Any transaction a customer is actively participating in such as making a card-present payment, completing an online checkout, or by using a stored credential.
  • Merchant-Initiated Transactions (MITs)
    : Any transaction a merchant initiates without the customer's participation such as an industry practice transaction or a standing instruction transaction.
    • Industry Practice Transactions
      : MITs that are performed as subsequent transactions to a CIT because the initial transaction could not be completed in one transaction. Not every industry practice transaction involves a stored credential. If a stored credential is used only for one transaction, that transaction is not considered a credentialed transaction.
    • Standing Instruction Transactions
      : MITs that are performed to follow agreed-upon instructions from the customer for the provision of goods and services.

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