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Japanese Payment Options

Japanese payment options (JPO) extend the
payment card processing features to support payment methods used only in Japan. Japanese issuers, cardholders, merchants, and acquirers recognize payment methods that clarify the nature of a payment. JPO provides for more fine-grained identification of one-time payments and installment payments. You can offer your customers JPO payment methods that they select at the time of purchase.
JPO supports these payment methods:
  • Single payment
  • Bonus payment
  • Installment payment
  • Revolving payment
  • Combination of bonus payment and installment payment
Requests with Japanese payment options are accepted independently of your agreements with acquirers. When you submit a request with one of these payment options but do not have the necessary contracts and agreements in place, an error might not occur until the acquirer processes the settlement file.
For more information about the Japanese payment options, contact Customer Support of
KK (Japan).

Payment Cards Supported with JPO

JPO is supported for the Sumitomo Mitsui Card Co. acquirer with transactions that use Visa payment cards issued in Japan.

Services Supported with JPO

Authorization service.


  • You have signed a contract with your acquirer.
  • You have contacted your account provider for details about contracts and funding cycles. The funding cycle could differ when using JPO.
  • Card holders who want to use JPO have signed a contract with an issuing bank.
  • You have confirmed payment option availability with your account provider and card holder before implementing one of these payment options.

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