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A void cancels a capture or credit request that was submitted but not yet processed by the processor.
Capture and credit requests are usually submitted once a day. A void request is declined when the capture or credit request has already been sent to the processor.
After a void is processed, you cannot credit or capture the funds. You must perform a new transaction to capture or credit the funds. Further, when you void a capture, a hold remains on the authorized funds. If you are not going to re-capture the authorization,
and if your processor supports authorization reversal after void (ARAV),
you should request an authorization reversal to release the hold on the unused funds.
A void uses the capture or credit request ID to link the transactions. The authorization request ID is used to look up the customer’s billing and account information, so there is no need to include those fields in the void request. You cannot perform a follow-on credit against a capture that has been voided.